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7 Reasons To Cut Back On Alcohol (Even If You Don’t Quit)

Depending on where you look and who you ask, in some ways it seems that there has been somewhat of an increase in alcohol consumption awareness in recent years.

While perhaps more people are becoming sober curious, many people don’t actually want to quit drinking altogether, forever.

Some really enjoy drinking, and as such, aren’t willing or ready to give it up completely and they may never be.


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The all-or-nothing approach leaves these people out of the conversation and that can do harm than good.

This article is in full celebration of decision to moderate – or reduce – alcohol intake.

Here are seven incredible benefits you can expect when you cut back on booze.


1- You Will Save Money

Alcohol is expensive. Whether you buy bottles for the house, knock back a few shots or cocktails at the bar, or tack on a few drinks while dining out with friends, the money spent getting your ethanol fix really adds up.

Grabbing 2 or 3 drinks two nights a week after work could cost you hundreds of dollars a month, easy. Picking up a few bottles of wine at around $15/bottle, that’s another $50 or so. And let’s be honest – if you’re binge drinking at all your costs are significantly higher. Not to mention extra money spent on quick/unhealthy food choices made after drinking.

If you cut back even 20% of that, you will feel it in your finances. And who doesn’t like more money?


2- Your Self-Confidence Will Skyrocket

If you’re naturally more introverted or a little on the shy side, you might use alcohol as a crutch.

If the thought of going to a party or social event with no alcohol terrifies you, perhaps you wonder how you’ll ever survive such an experience without it.

But, when you cut back on booze but still live your life, you’ll come to find that you can still have and be fun without liquor, and this is such a confidence booster!


3- You’ll Find New Things To Do

When you drink less, some of the things you do for fun may not necessarily fly. For example, if you normally hang out in bars, when you cut back on booze you probably wouldn’t go as much. To fill up some of that extra time, finding new, interesting things to do is absolutely the way to go. These new things can really be eye-opening and life-changing.


4- Your Body Will Thank You

Perhaps the most obvious, when you cut back on liquor your body will get a much-needed break. Any time spent not drinking is time your body gets to repair from previous damage, and this is only a good thing!


5- You’ll Discover That You Don’t NEED Alcohol

If you force yourself to cut back on booze, you’ll find more and more that you don’t really “need” alcohol the way you thought. You may believe you need it to relax, or you need it to have fun, or to take your mind off stressful things. But if you challenge yourself to have fun and relax without booze you will find that it’s totally possible! Even if these ways don’t turn out to be your preferred method, just knowing that it’s doable is huge. It might prep you for longer stretches of going without alcohol down the line, should you choose to go that route.


6- Your Tolerance Will Decrease

Have you ever prided yourself on the amount of alcohol you can handle?

Moderating alcohol intake gives you the change to reset your tolerance, depending on how far you reduce your intake.

You’ll feel great on off-drinking times, then when you do go back to drinking, you’ll notice it takes you a lot less to feel a buzz than it used to.


7- You’ll Benefit From Increased Productivity

Finally, when you cut back on booze you also cut back on cloudy thoughts and dreaded hangovers! I don’t know about you, but hangovers really sucked the life out of me. A weekend of heavy drinking usually can mean you’re not quite operating at your best until at least Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week at times – sometimes even longer depending on the severity of your binge drinking.

Cutting back on drinking just frees up so much time and energy to really get things done.

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Final Thoughts

cut back on alcohol

In conclusion, everybody knows alcohol isn’t good for you.

While anybody who drinks could benefit from a cut back, you’d be hard pressed to find advice to increase alcohol consumption. If you drink at all, drinking less can only improve your life.

If the idea of stopping drinking completely, forever, is overwhelming to you, that’s okay. Put it out of your mind for now and focus on what does sound good to you.

What sounds reasonable and manageable for you right here, right now? Could you see yourself cutting back some? Just a little can go a long way, and you might change your mind once you get going and begin to experience some of the great benefits of a cut back.

You only know if you try, however. So, give it a try and see how it goes.


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