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61 Inspirational Quotes On Happiness, Positivity & Joy

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One of the things we most wonder about in this high-stress world is how to truly find happiness. 

At any given time we adults have so much going on, right? But not much of it really speaks to our souls and brings us the true joy and fulfillment we seek. 

Think about your average day. How does it go? Wake up, eat, work, maybe throw in a little exercise, socialization, errand-running, then hopefully go to bed at a halfway decent hour so you can get up and do it all again the next day? 

Not to say that your daily routine is miserable, but it can be really challenging to find the joy in most day-to-day activities. Most of us spend 5 days of the week waiting to get to the weekend. Am I right? 

In the true spirit of inspiration, one thing I’ve found to help me find the joy in my life is starting each day with quotes or affirmations. It’s something so small, but it really does help!

So today, I’m going to share with you 61 of my personal favorite happiness quotes. 

I hope they help you find the joy in your daily life too!

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10 Quotes On How To Be Happy In Life

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1. For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

2. Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. -Unknown Author

3. Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. -Franklin D Roosevelt

4. If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. -The Dalai Lama

5. Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city. -George Burns

6. It is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself. -Thomas Paine

7. Happiness is not a goal, it is a by-product. -Eleanor Roosevelt

8. Wealth is enjoying what we already have, not getting more of what we think will make us happy. -Peter Mcwilliams

9. Happiness is not pleasure, it’s victory. -Zig Ziglar

10. The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved. -Victor Hugo


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10 Quotes For Joy, Motivation & Positivity

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11. Happiness or unhappiness is often a matter of choice. -Unknown Author

12. The truest greatness lies in being kind, the truest wisdom in a happy mind. -Ella Wheeler Wilcox

13. The best way to make happy money is to make money your hobby and not your god. -Scott Alexander

14. Imagination disposes of everything; it creates beauty, justice, happiness, which is everything in this world. -Blaise Pascal

15. Happiness is an attitude of mind, born of the simple determination to be happy under all outward circumstances. -J. Donald Walters
16. Happiness is not a reward – it is consequence. Suffering is not a punishment – it is a result. -Robert Green Ingersoll

17. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

18. Happiness comes when we test our skills towards some meaningful purpose. -John Stosssel

19. There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. -George Sand

20. Happiness is not by chance, but by choice. -Jim Rohn


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10 Quotes To Inspire You To Feel Your Very Best

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21. Unhappiness is in not knowing what we want and killing ourselves to get it. –Don Herold

22. That kind of life is most happy which affords us most opportunities of gaining our own esteem. -Samuel Johnson

23. Happiness is the real sense of fulfillment that comes from hard work. -Joseph Barbara

24. He who enjoys doing and enjoys what he has done is happy. -Johann Wolfgang Goethe

25. Happiness depends upon ourselves. -Aristotle

26. Remember this – very little is needed to make a happy life. -Marcus Aurelius

27. The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose. -William Cowper

28. Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think. -Dale Carnegie

29. The smallest seed of faith is better than the largest fruit of happiness. -Henry David Thoreau

30. A man is happy so long as he choose to be happy. -Alexander Solzhenitsyn


10 Motivational Quotes For Motivation & Positivity

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31. Events will take their course, it is no good of being angry at them; he is happiest who wisely turns them to the best account. -Euripides

32. The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things. -Henry Ward Beecher

33. I am bigger than anything that can happen to me. -Charles F. Lummis

34. Friends are as companions on a journey, who ought to aid each other to persevere in the road to a happier life. -Pythagoras

35. Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. -Guillaume Apollinaire

36. Happiness is not something you experience, it’s something you remember. -Oscar Levant

37. The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. -Allan K. Chalmers

38. If at first you don’t succeed, think how many people you’ve made happy. -H. Duane Black

39. In the path of our happiness shall we find the learning for which we have chosen this lifetime. -Richard Bach (Illusions)

40. Doomed are the hotheads! Unhappy are they who lose their cool and are too proud to say, I’m sorry. -Robert H. Schuller


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10 Happy Quotes For Living A Fulfilled Life

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41. Happiness consists in activity. It is a running steam, not a stagnant pool. -John Mason Good

42. To have joy one must share it. Happiness was born a twin. -Lord Byron

43. Happiness is an expression of the soul in considered actions. -Aristotle

44. When you’re a winner you’re always happy, but if you’re happy as a loser you’ll always be a loser. -Mark Fidrych

45. We listened to what our customers wanted and acted on what they said. Good things happen when you pay attention. -John F. Smith
46. People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be. -Abraham Lincoln

47. The groundwork of all happiness is health. -Leigh Hunt

48. Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. -Franklin D. Roosevelt

49. What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life. -Leo Buscaglia

50. Happiness is a continuation of happenings which are not resisted. -Deepak Chopra


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11 Quotes To Inspire You Toward Positivity & Joy

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51. If you can be well without health, you may be happy without virtue. -Edmund Burke

52. Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely upon what you think. -Dale Carnegie

53. You can be right or you can be happy. -Gerald G Jampolsky

54. If you want to be happy for a year, plant a garden; if you want to be happy for life, plant a tree. -English proverb

55. A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. -Hugh Downs

56. A happy life must be to a great extent a quiet life, for it is only in an atmosphere of quiet that true joy can live. -Bertrand Russell

57. There is enough in the world for everyone to have plenty, to live happily, and to be at peace with his neighbors. -Harry Truman

58. Plant a seed of friendship; reap a bouquet of happiness. -Lois L. Kaufman

59. In the path of our happiness shall we find the learning for which we have chosen this lifetime. -Richard Bach

60. Happiness lies in good health and a bad memory. -Ingrid Bergman

61. There are no great things, only small things with great love. Happy are those. -Mother Theresa


Final Thoughts

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I hope my favorite happiness quotes list gives you just the inspiration you need to go out and find just that much more joy in your day to day life. 

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61 Happiness Quotes To Make You Feel SUPER Good


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