Free Sobriety Resources

free sobriety resources


To help you quit drinking alcohol, I’m opening up my entire collection of sobriety files to you for FREE!

I created each one of these by hand. Each of the files can be downloaded and saved or printed for later.

I hope you enjoy them and that they help you in some way.

I do not mind if these are shared, but if you do so, all I ask is that you please be an honest, kind person and link back to the site to help spread the word to others who may be interested in the information here.

Thanks in advance!


2019 Sobriety Calendars (Jan 2019-Dec 2019 | Set of 12)

30 Days Of Gratitude: Printable Journal (37 pages)

30 Gratitude Journal Writing Prompts

Self-Care & Stress Relief Sobriety Checklist

Why Do You Really Drink Too Much? (Worksheet)

15 Ways To Celebrate Sobriety Milestones

5 Great Sobriety Podcasts

35 Ways To Relax Without Alcohol

8 Ideas For Sober Friends & Activities

37 Tiny Habits to Start Today!

20 Convenient Excuses For Not Drinking Alcohol

How Much Is Alcohol Really Costing You?

18 Sober & Sexy Date Night Ideas

18 Easy Strategies For Successful Sober Vacations